Block Head (Demo song from Auditory Vortex Vol. 1 Refill) by Uniphonic

  • Posted on: 11 January 2010
  • By: Jacob

This song is a demo for the Auditory Vortex Thor Refill, Volume 1. All of what you hear was generated using Thors, except for 1 drum kit from the Propellerhead Reason Kits 2.0 Refill. All the rest is 100% Thor patches from the Auditory Vortex - Thor Vol. 1 Refill, with effects. The guitar's sustain and muted notes are controlled with velocity and the mod wheel.

To get the sounds and see how this was made, purchase the Auditory Vortex Thor Refill, Volume 1 for Propellerhead's Reason. Sounds like this, and many more are available on the Refill.